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Q & A: Ted Rubin on How to Get Positive Returns from Your Social Relationships

April 6, 2011
Ted Rubin is the Chief Social Marketing Officer for Open Sky.
Prior to Open Sky, Ted built a multi-million member database and social media presence for e.l.f. cosmetics. A leading social marketing strategist, Ted coined the term R-O-R – Return on Relationship, which is the basis of his philosophy. We asked Ted to share his thoughts on relationship marketing for job seekers, you can ask @tedrubin your questions on Twitter or simply interact – he’s famous for his quick response!

You’ve said “social broadcasting gets you a glance, but social networking gets you loyalty.“ Does this hold true for the job search as well as career management? And if, yes, can you describe the difference?

It holds true for establishing any relationship. Social Broadcasting is simply shouting out a message and hoping people are listening. Social Networking is engaging and interacting with your audience, which leads to trust and relationships that have value.

You advise companies to establish an emotional connection with their customers to build long term loyalty – is it appropriate for job seekers to seek a similar point of connection with a potential employer and if yes – how can this be done?

Absolutely, although not with the employer (a company), but with the people within the organization you are reaching out to and interacting with. Learn about them via all the available means at your fingertips today… LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Then do you best to connect on a more personal level with a one-liner or comment about something they seem passionate about. Make a connection.

Any big mistakes you frequently watch job seekers make in networking?

The biggest and most critical mistake, in my humble opinion, is joining so-called “support” groups of other job seekers and wasting valuable time commiserating and assuring each other you will be okay… You need to spend time with people and groups who are employed, involved and actively connected.

Many of us go through our lives, day to day, thinking that our only recourse is to put our heads down, one foot in front of the other, and persevere. It is easy to fall into this rut and believe it is the proper course, the only way to go, and all we have to hope for in the future.
I say NO.

“Action is the active ingredient that transforms goals into reality!” Let us never forget that we can always improve the situation in which we live, make a better life for ourselves and the ones we love, and effect/fight for change even when the odds are against such change. Being courageous enough to act on your goals/desires/needs to make a better life, better income, better business and/or better world, is the first and most crucial step in making your goals into reality.

Frequently job seekers are hesitant to ask for favors from others during the job search? Should they be? What should they ask for, and what should they offer in return for favors?

Never be hesitant to ask for favors… that is what relationships are all about and where the value of the connection comes into play. Be genuine and upfront and always be out there offering to help others. The more you give the more you get.

Are there any questions I haven’t asked that I should be asking? What’s the question, and what’s your answer?

  • How to I build my ROR with my network, and increase their interest. How do I get them to want to call me back and help me in my job search?
  • Listen
  • Know the People You Want to Work With. Make it be about THEM.  Ask “How can I serve you?”
  • Aim for Ongoing Engagement. (Follow-up.)

Relationships ARE the new currency – honor them, invest in them, and start measuring your ROR!

Use it now—actionable—advice for job seekers:

You have the time, so don’t waste another day… start building your personal brand via social media today!

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